Thursday, June 3, 2010

to the small studios

I've had the privilege of practicing yoga in studios in Boston, San Diego, LA, Toronto, and Tel Aviv. I also had the great honor to teach at a studio in Boston. Living in a large city with a great yoga scene, it's easy to take it for granted the community of like minded individuals who make it possible for great studios to thrive and offer a wide variety of classes.

This evening I was reminded of the sweet reality of probably the majority of yoga studios in the US. They are small studios with limited schedules and usually in dual-purpose space. Five students makes for a pretty bumpin' class. And some evenings, like tonight, maybe you only have two - just some girls who walked in off the street and decided to take your class for the first time.

That's what happened when my friend and I took a class this evening in Lexington. The teacher could have been well on her way home, had a nice dinner, hung out with her boyfriend. Instead, these two strangers came in for the last class of the night.

There was no disappointment, no rush to leave. Our teacher warmly invited us in and took the time to introduce herself and get to know a little bit about us. The studio space was warm and inviting. Romi, the teacher, held the space for us in the same way any teacher would do in a large studio in New York.

There's the beauty in the small studio. The space is open to the mere possibility that someone might want it or in my case tonight, that someone might even need it. It's a raw expression of faith on the part of the teacher to show up and hold the space for anyone or no one to show up. It's a lesson we can take into our lives - be open and hold that openness for any possibility - love, laughter, light, and connection.

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