Sunday, August 22, 2010


In surfing around on the internet, I came across a Kundalini site that talked about fasting on the New Moon, the Full Moon and 11 days after the New Moon. Since I enjoy experimenting with food and energy, I thought that I would try this out myself and see what the effects would be.

I was going to fast from both food and technology. However, the timing turned out to be very bad. This fast coincided with my second attempt at making sourdough bread. And this time (unlike the first) my bread rose! How could I wait an entire day to cut into that warm delicious loaf. So, I took it easy this time around and only fasted from technology.

The iphone was off for the entire day and I didn't check email or facebook once. I felt very open and clear without the bombardment of this stimuli coming at me the entire day.

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