Sunday, August 29, 2010


yesterday the husband and i went to raven run nature preserve just outside of lexington. The short drive took us through the Blue Grass past beautiful estates and horse farms. Though we have taken a few drives through this type of scenery before, it still takes our breath away to see strong beautiful horses grazing in the late summer sun.

Another surprise in Kentucky are the butterflies. I've never seen so many butterflies in my life. Yesterday on the trail we saw some particularly beautiful butterflies, large ones, the size of birds with bright yellow markings. It was such a joy to stop and watch them in flight, their fragile wings trembling on the wind.

We also saw the smooth rocks of a creek bed that must have been formed by glaciers.

I felt renewed by our 3 hour hike in the wilderness. Taking the time to commune with nature and observe the sights, sounds and smells in near seclusion gave me the sensation of opening my heart wider and allowing prana to enter and fill me.

It was no surprise then that my practice this morning was light and energetic. I felt the energy of the earth, and butterflies, and creek bed carrying me through my asanas.

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