Saturday, September 18, 2010

going home again

Back Bay Yoga in Boston, MA is my yoga home. It isn't where I first learned yoga but it is where I became fully committed to the practice and was exposed to the people I consider my teachers. Over labor day weekend, I took a five day holiday and returned to Boston in part to celebrate a friend's birthday and in part to get back to BBY and reboot with some of those awesome yoga vibes. The two goals weren't entirely in sync with one another, but that didn't prevent an amazing weekend.

On the first day, I practiced with my teacher, Kate O'Donnell, after the regular Mysore class. This allowed me to sleep in a little, which I desperately needed (I got in around 1am!). We practiced in the tiny private lesson room off to the side. It was intense practicing side by side with the person who has shaped my practice and whose practice serves as an inspiration to me. Mysore really embraces the traditional Indian student teacher relationship. After practicing in that way for many years, it is really tough to practice with one's teacher in an egalitarian way.

The next day, I took led primary - a class I used to teach - with Anna Neuman. It was exciting to flip the tables once more and take class next to the students I used to teach.

Then on Sunday, I subbed Mysore for Kate. This was sort of the icing on the cake. Lauren Peterson was there. Her practice is so awe inspiring I felt there was nothing I could do for her. Then she asked me for help in Karandavasana. I guess every one has trouble with that one! Her youtube video has been encouraging me to keep up with my own practice even on my own.

I came back from that weekend feeling super charged with motivation and energy to bring back to my mat. Namaste.

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