Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ghee and support

It's day 4 of the kichari cleanse. Physically, I feel lighter, more compact, less a "waste of space." Mentally, I feel very sharp. I rode my bike home this evening. It was cool and damp. Every sense seemed heightened: the sweet smell of the fallen leaves, the deep dark blue-black of the post-rain sky, the cool damp air on my hands as I biked home.

Today started the second phase of the cleanse, "stepping it up a notch." This entails taking a certain amount of ghee in the morning. I'm not specifying, because if you're doing this, you should really be working with a teacher. Each morning the dosage of ghee increases for a few days.

There was a big change in this this time around. The first time I took the ghee, it was no big deal, even the biggest dose. This time, I could hardly stomach it and I'm only on the first ghee day. I wonder if this is the leftover effect of the gall cleanse I did in the summer in which I drank a disgusting amount of olive oil. At any rate, it was tough.

Also, my appetite has greatly decreased. This is a first for me. Usually, I can get through my pot of kichari and then some. This cleanse, I'm hardly finishing a pot a day.

Writing this blog has been really great for me. In the absence of a group and teacher to do this with, the blog is helping me express what I'm going through. I'm also very grateful to my friends who are commenting (virtually and in person) about the process. I feel very supported by this "virtual" community. And it's wonderful to see the curiosity this inspires. In the end, so much of doing this practice, a yoga practice, or a meditation practice is about curiosity. Part of the motivation of these practices is curiosity about foods, the body, and the mind. On every level, it's beautiful to see that curiosity in others.

Shawn comes home tonight from five days at his dad's in Oregon. This will be a boon of support to my cleanse. While he doesn't participate in the cleanse, he always offers me encouragement and is very respectful of my choice to engage in this practice. I owe a lot of my past cleanse "success" to him.


  1. I'm feeling for you Rochelle, drinking the ghee was the hardest part of the cleanse for me...not sure I would have the guts (pun DEFINITELY intended) to do it again :-)


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