Thursday, October 28, 2010

I figured out a way to make the ghee go down much easier. I put the "prescribed" amount of ghee into a tea cup. I dowse ghee with cinamon and cardamon and pour hot water over it. When the ghee mostly melts (it never seems to totally melt)I shoot back the thick stuff on top and then drink the rest (the ghee tends to float and the hot water and spices sink). This isn't the perfect solution, but it does get me through it.

Why the ghee anyway? The theory goes that most toxins like to live in fat. So give them a whole lot of fat to get into. When the body passes the ghee the toxins go along with. It is also nourishing for the joints. At least this is my understanding.

Some fasting/purgation days are coming up soon. I asked my teacher about adding a gall cleanse to it. She said that adding in this kind of "hocus pocus" would be unecessary and too much. I have to say that having done a gall cleanse before, I'm somewhat relieved. Here's a description Adding this on would probably be the cleanse version of "jumping the shark!"

So that my husband wouldn't have to suffer the cleanse, I ordered him a pizza. I made sure to get toppings that are disgusting to me: sausage, jalapenos, so as not to be tempted. Pizza is probably my favorite food in the universe. As he chomped away on the pizza, I sat and ate my kichari.


  1. What's the 'normal' way of taking ghee?

  2. heating it a little and slogging it back.


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