Monday, October 18, 2010

on the mend and getting ready to cleanse!

Lesson learned: follow your intuition. If someone says to medicate for something you don't think you have, keep looking for the right solution. 5 days after starting to take vitamins (chock full of B12) the limp is 95% gone. I was able to do the full primary series practice this morning without modification. And I'm generally feeling clearer and more energetic.

There was a discussion a while back on one of the lists that I'm on about how to keep the excitement for the practice alive. Make every day a celebration of what you can do! I was never a natural athlete. Doing this practice pleasantly surprises me every time I hit the mat. The human body is a wondrous thing.

Now that I'm back in form, I'm getting ready to start a fall cleanse. I try to do a full on cleanse twice a year under the guidance of my teacher, Kate O'Donnell. I am going to document some of what I'm doing here. But I recommend that if you choose to cleanse, you do so under the guidance of an experienced teacher. If you are in the Boston area, I recommend that you do the cleanse with Kate (

Cleansing, for me anyway, is not dieting. It is cleansing - cleaning out the system. Unclogging all the nasty gunk I put in there and greasing the joints. It's also taking some additional time to myself to reflect and journey inward. Yes, I inevitably lose an insignificant amount of weight when I cleanse. But the more important results are a sense of clarity and lightness.

This week, I'm gearing up. That means that I'm cutting out caffeine, alcohol, and added sugars. Caffeine is always the toughest for me. I work long days and as the daylight hours become shorter, it's hard to skip that morning pick-me-up.

I'll be starting the day with some hot water with the juice of half a lemon and a dash of cayenne. Then, I do neti pot. Neti clears the sinuses, removes allergens, and is supposed to help you think more clearly (try it out, see what you think).

Throughout the day, when the desire to caffeinate comes, I'll be drinking either a decaf tea or Yogi Teas "Detox" tea.

Next week, I'll start the good stuff...the mono diet and eventually a one or two day fast. I'll keep you posted!


  1. I didn't know you had a blog Rochelle! I think it's fantastic that you do a cleanse twice a year. I look forward to reading about it! Lots of love from Boston :-)

  2. I should drink warm water with lemon more often. I am a big supporter of that and every morning I was drinking then stopped doing that. why? no clue :/

    good luck with your cleansing


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