Sunday, October 31, 2010


The cleanse is ending and I'm starting to phase in normal foods.  Yesterday, I enjoyed a baked sweet potato (plain) and today some steamed spinach for lunch. This evening I had some delicious poached salmon. 

Reintegration can be challenging.  It's difficult to not dive right into the bourbon and donuts.  Sometimes I feel like this part of the cleanse is actually tougher than the rest of it where there's no black and white.  I guess I don't like food ambiguity.

But I'm managing to go gradual.  I made my husband the  buckwheat sourdough donuts from and will simply take his word for it that they're good until Tuesday - if they last that long.  If not, I'll sample the next batch.  We bought a fancy bourbon from the Whole Foods (I wasn't kidding about bourbon and donuts!) which Shawn opened last night.  He was so sweet and asked if it was ok if I smelled it.  I thought so. It smelled rich and comforting and everything you want in a winter digestif... after Tuesday!

I've also begun reintegrating my practice.  I haven't practiced Intermediate for quite a while, since my leg was first injured, maybe 3.5 weeks ago.  I felt so light and clean moving through standing but the fatigue of the fast caught up with me once I hit the floor.  I continued through and let the poses be what they wanted to be.  I thought there might be binding in pasasana considering the amount of weight I dropped, but no such luck.  I made peace with it and flowed through to karandavasana. My stamina was pretty much gone at that point.  After two attempts I moved on to backbends and finishing.  Sometimes it's nice to let go of the struggle and just let the poses be light and humorous.  That's what my practice was like today. 

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