Friday, October 29, 2010

Too much information

I'm debating how much should be shared here about the last day of ghee. Do you really want to know all the details?
Today I fasted. The last solid food I had was last night, two apples, around 6pm. Since then, I've had some apple juice and of course the BIG ghee. Throughout the day I took some juice and some herbal detox tea. Just now I had some miso soup with some alfalfa sprouts (which I grew myself).
Let's just say that throughout the day, the results have been pretty dramatic. I definitely feel that the ghee has gotten deep into some places where it hadn't in the past. I'm also feeling the results of bi-annual cleansing beyond just what is happening in this cleanse. I'm letting go of a lot of shit (literally and figuratively).
This cleanse has really enlightened me on my relationship to food. Today I packed some kichari as a safety net. I didn't want to feel starved and then freak out and pig out on campus chow. I was able to sit all day with the kichari and not eat it. To be able to have food around without the impulse to consume is huge. I felt very free in my relationship to the food and still feel that way.
Consuming has been a huge struggle in my life. The impulse to buy and the need to have RIGHT NOW have caused me great financial distress. My weight struggles have been reflected in that. Somehow this freedom from food, from the impulse to eat RIGHT NOW, signals something larger to me. And it does in many ways mirror things that are happening in my financial life.
There is no greater sensation than freedom. In my yoga teacher training we often talked about "choosing freedom first." Something huge has unblocked itself in me and I am finally getting there.

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  1. This is great. I want to know more gory details :)


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