Saturday, November 6, 2010

the big exhale

Some weeks Saturday feels like a big Forrest Yoga style exhale:  Ahhhhhhhh.  But if Saturday is the big exhale, does that mean that I've been holding my breath all week?  I'm doing some practices to literally breath more during the work week.  I have a tiny Ganesha that I found in Goa.  He sits in my window sill.  When I enter the office, I close the door and before I do anything, I breath for two minutes and focus on my Ganesha and my breath.  Taking the time, even just two minutes, to break the routine of immediately checking voicemail and email makes the rest of the day that much more mindful. 

Saturday is also a day when Ashtanga is traditionally not practiced.  My class this afternoon is canceled, so I'm going to take a long hike at a local park.  Hiking will be my yoga today.

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  1. I love the idea of stopping to do a mini-breathing practice as soon as you get to work, but before actually working...sounds very grounding :-)


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