Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Fear is an amazingly manipulative emotion.  Even if you practice non-reacting and being in the present moment, as I have been trying to do for many years, fear is that last emotion that can really derail your hardwork and unsettle what you believe to be real and important. 

Yesterday was a big day for fear here.  When we got home last night after work there were several news vans parked across the street at a neighbor's house.  Being nosey, we scoured the internet news sites to try to find out what was going on.  What we found out was deeply disturbing.  Our neighbor's home had been brooken into around 10am while he was there.  The robbers tied him up and were apparently quite violent with him.  He is fine now but many valuable things were stolen.

Hearing this, my imagination ran wild. This was surely going to happen to us. I was looking for ways to better secure the doors (pushing a dresser in front of one came to mind).  Shawn was shopping online for weaponry. 

How did this all happen?  One minute, we weren't even thinking about home safety, the next we were shopping for guns.  Fear.  It's not like people's homes aren't broken into every day.  But somehow, having it across the street is good fodder for the imagination.  Before we knew it, we were wrapped up in this story, our hearts racing, and thinking wild thoughts.

I'm not saying that the things we imagined couldn't come true.  Sure they could.  As could any number of things that we haven't imagined. 

I could just "sit" with the fear rather than trying to do something to get rid of it.  I could meditate on fear, how it feels, what it does to me, etc.  Or I can booby trap my home. 

So where is the line between taking responsible measure to prepare/protect yourself and getting caught up in a story? 

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