Friday, November 26, 2010

got space heater?

Just as I was gloating yesterday over our beautiful 65 degree November weather, a cold front moved through.  We went from 65 to 27 overnight.  A small snow storm came with leaving a beautiful light powder on the ground.

We live in an apartment in a beautiful old Victorian home with high ceiling and deep windowsills.  Like most homes of this style, it is hardly energy efficient. The heat is controlled by the landlord who apparently sets it at a cool 60 degrees.  When I turn on my space heater for practice, it usually shows the temperature at about 58 or 59.

Usually, my heater will warm up the room to about 68. That's not ideal for practice, but it's not bad. This morning it struggled to get up to 64.  I kept on my long sleeve shirt but that got in the way of binds.  My feet stayed icy through the entire primary series and my shoulders wouldn't open up.

I think it's time to invest in a second space heater to help the tiny one I have.

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