Friday, November 26, 2010

the last word on B12 - info for my veggie friends

Since my run in with B12 deficiency and nerve damage, I have drastically changed my diet.  For one, I'm giving myself a pass on being a vegetarian, at least until I've healed.  I still have tingly-ness in my right hand.  Occasionally in urdva padmasana, I lose control again of my right leg.

I've been taking a multi vitamin and a B12 supplement and definitely feel the difference. I'm also eating meat.  I'm sticking to free range and grass fed.  When I go to the doctor again in January, I'll ask for them to test my B12 levels again.  If it is back in the normal range, I'll go back to just fish and dairy.

Meantime, this is a good article about the B12 issue.  I was completely unaware of this problem until my leg suddenly stopped functioning.  For my friends who are vegetarian or vegan you should definitely read this:

I do believe that being a vegetarian is kinder to our bodies and to our earth and plan to return to that lifestyle once I've regained my health.  

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