Saturday, November 27, 2010

small class, big love

I never quite know what to expect when I show up to teach my Saturday afternoon class.  I'm ready to rock full primary or break it down and take it easy depending on who shows up.

My classes here are teensy... so teensy that I was on the verge of giving up.  The last two classes were one-on-one with some very dedicated and enthusiastic students.  But I had to ask myself, at what point will no one show up?

So this afternoon I packed up my little Durga and my tea and headed off to class with the knowledge that I might be turning around to come right home.

But three students showed up! Two were students who had been to my class before.  The third was a new-to-ashtanga dude.  We had a great class together.  I really appreciated their dedication and effort in the practice.

Now, with my faith restored, I need to come up with a plan to grow my class.  I think I'll start with little fliers, some social media action...what else?  Time to brainstorm.


  1. Hold a free demo and info session somewhere. That's what got me into Mysore. I'd been wondering about it and then Kate held the Intro to Mysore class and I knew that I definitely wanted to check it out.

  2. Thanks for the ideas, Tara. I might just have to try them out. Meantime, I'll keep radiating love and hope it comes back to me <3


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