Sunday, November 28, 2010

wintry morning

It's finally starting to feel wintry here.  I rode my bike in to practice with my Ashtanga friends this morning.  I love the feeling of the cool crisp air on my face.  Riding in the cold also helps to warm up the muscles a bit before diving right into practice.

My practice this morning felt very good despite the massive amounts of turkey that I've been eating.  I was able to roll up to balance on the first try in ubaya padangustasana and urdva mukha paschimatanasana without bending my knees for the first time since the B12 crash.  That felt very good.  I'm also slowly building back up to 25 breaths in headstand. 

The neighborhood stray cat that has adopted us was waiting for me in our driveway when I got back. She's still sick but isn't sneezing green gunk. That was encouraging.  Even though it's pretty cold out, her gray fur is always warm from basking in the sun. 

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