Tuesday, December 14, 2010

everything is sore

Did I mention the butt-kicking I got from Portland?  I don't think so.  For one, we did a lot of walking throughout the beautiful city and straight up its hills to the Japanese zen garden. 

Butt-kicking number 2 - I took a vinyasa class.  I don't think I've taken a non-ashtanga yang style class in about 2 years. We did some stuff that I hadn't done in quite some time like side plank. 

Number 3 - I took a led intermediate ashtanga class. There's one word to sum up the experience: humbling.  There were poses in there, as a matter of fact most of those after karandavasana, that I had never done before.  And I totally flubbed karandavasana.  I had a little bit of stage fright because the teacher was assisting each of us in it while everyone else watched/waited.

Number 4 - I took Mysore with a new teacher. Every teacher will have something different that they will see in your practice.  Several years ago, I was told not to lower so far in chaturanga so as to keep my shoulders from sagging in.  This teacher saw this and asked me to lower as far as I could go and keep the elbows slightly out.  This definitely accessed muscles that I hadn't been using.  I'm feeling it in the shoulders today, but I think it's a good sore. 

These kinds of challenges are just what I needed to bring some new life into my practice.  Since I don't have a teacher here, I feel like when I do get to practice under a teacher, I soak everything up like a dry sponge. 

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