Saturday, December 18, 2010

The new way of eating

OK. So this isn't a totally new way of eating.  It's not even a new way of eating for me.  I sort of accidentally ate this way while I was in Goa but never really got the hang of it here.

I've stopped eating dinner.  WHOA.  This is a big shift for me as someone who truly believes in three square meals a day.  I do take a small bowl of soup and maybe some fruit, but not the two giant servings of pasta that I used to.

Why?  Because my teacher told me to almost two years ago (maybe more) and now I'm finally ready.  I have a tendency towards heaviness, slowness, and lethargy.  I have VERY slow digestion (probably TMI, but I literally have gone an entire week without a bowl movement).

I'm not entirely sure what has finally shifted that I'm now in a place where I feel I can do this.  For one, it may be our new great big apartment where we actually have a dining room where we can sit down and take our meals mindfully.  In Beantown, we always ate in front of the TV because there was no where else to go.  Without the distraction of the big electric box, it's easier to really enjoy a nice bowl of soup and become satisfied by it.

I was also very inspired by my practice most recently at Yoga Pearl in Portland.  Being in vacation mode, really had me at my heaviest (not necessarily weight, but energetically).  That made me think that maybe I'm always much heavier than I need to be in the morning and my practice could be significantly changed if I change my eating patterns.

So far, I do feel a huge difference.  Not only is my practice lighter and smoother, but I'm also sleeping better and not waking up as tired.  I have not yet seen tangible effects in any of my problem poses (pasasana! and pinchamayurasana) but I feel if I make this a permanent change, I will.

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