Wednesday, January 12, 2011

better week

I think that New Year's resolutions should really start the week after New Year's.  How about starting them on or after January 6, King's day?  Enjoy a piece of cake, maybe eat the toy sadistically buried inside.  if you don't choke on it, you start your resolutions? 

That would work better for me.  The first week of 2011 was an epic FAIL on just about every resolution front.  This week is going much better.

I've finally been able to plug into my Kapha style eating regime.  I don't take breakfast in the morning, only coffee.  Then I have a large yummy lunch.  And from there a light dinner of only a small salad, a soup, or a chai (to list what I've done the last few days).

The results have been pretty incredible.  I have LOADS more energy.  I always equated food with energy. I guess you can actually short circuit and send in too much energy and blow out the fuses.  That seems to me to be the Kapha situation. 

There have been noticeable changes in the energy level in my practice too.  I'm flowing through almost effortlessly and enjoying each asana.  It's been a really lovely change.

Pincha mayurasana is still coming.  I'm inching further and further away from the wall. Baby steps. 

Something that Jason in Oregon focused on with me is really helping.  I have a chronic leaning tower of pizza style headstand.  He told me to think of navasana as I come into the pose to create a long straight line of energy.  He also told me to slightly tuck my tailbone.  Being kinestetically challenged, I couldn't figure it out in his presence and felt like an ass.  But I have since gotten the hang of it.  It is really helping the pose feel lighter and more stable.  I'm taking this same cue into my pincha mayurasana and it's enabled me to balance longer away from the wall (I've worked up to 10 breaths).

Good things are happening in 2011!

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