Thursday, January 13, 2011

rock and roll

Many moons ago, I started practicing Mysore style with a woman named Carrie at Back Bay Yoga.  She was delightful, but was only there for about 3 months after I started.  So I didn't get to know her very well.  But one thing that stuck with me was her "rock and roll" Thursdays.  Traditionally in Ashtanga there is no music.  This is because the practice is so breath-focused.  How can you hear yourself breathe with Michael Franti blasting in the background?  But Carrie mixed it up a little, a bit of an outlaw, and played music on Thursdays.  I don't remember what style, I think it was a mix of kirtan and pop type stuff.  But she called it "rock and roll" Thursdays.  During that brief stint, I really looked forward to Thursdays.  And so, in the spirit of new things for 2011, I have resurected "rock and roll" Thursdays! 

My Thursday practice is usually a bit different anyway.  I eliminate props, research poses, and general "futzing" (to borrow another bloggers term) and just flow letting what happens happen.  The practice is usually very high energy.  Today combine the regular Thursday routine with the new diet and the "rock and roll" and I was flying.  I felt very free.  Beautiful.

I also got my heels for in kapotasana again!  I reached the point I had been stopping (about mid-arch) and just began repeating to myself "keep going, keep going"  and I did.  I love catching my heels in the pose because I can really pull on them then to increase the sensation around the hip flexors and deepen my breathing. 

This is very encouraging to me and feels like one of the final pieces in the puzzle to coming back to full health after my October implosion.  I've gone about 4 days now without something on my body going tingly and numb.  I should hear soon about the results of a recent follow visit with a real doctor. 

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