Sunday, January 23, 2011

yoga day! a great day for yogis!

Wow!  What an amazing day. Today is Yoga Day.  I think this is a Yoga Alliance thing, but it's something that studios and teachers across the country do. To celebrate all things yoga, classes are offered for free.  I saw that a fellow local teacher was offer free classes today and decided to do the same with mine.

This morning, I attended Romi's Philosophy and restorative classes. She's so knowledgeable.  It was hard for me to hold the poses for longer than my usual five breaths, but at the same time, it was a great exploration of shtira sukha, the them of the class, balancing effort and sweetness. 

I offered my three pm class for free. Quite a lot of people came out to it.  Some were colleagues from work and others were new to my class, still others were my regulars. There was a great energy. I was a little afraid of offering a large mixed level class, but everyone gave it their all and maintained humor and grace throughout.  I was truly humbled.  I've inquired about permanently changing the class to a donation or community class.  Stay tuned.

Also, in the spirit of what I'm calling "2011, the year of new things" I tried the castor oil abhyanga that some other bloggers talk about.  I've had my castor oil experiences, but have never used it externally.  At first, I was a little put off.  Unlike sesame oil, castor oil is so thick, sticky and cloying. But once it began to sink it, it really penetrated my skin.  My dry skin felt like a sponge drinking it all in.  I will definitely be making this a part of the Saturday routine. 

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