Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm into Yin (again)

Somehow since the beginning of the year I let my yin practice drop off almost entirely.  Maybe the winter is yin enough without adding that practice.  Maybe I just let the winter get the better of me.

At any rate, I rolled out my mat this morning and did my first Saturday Yin practice in a long time.  I'm working on opening the psoas and the groin so that I can get into hanumasana.  I'm not really concerned with hanumasana, but I think finding openness and stability here will lead to finding balance in pincha mayurasana.  So, I practiced square, pigeon, dragon, and finally hanumasana.  I'm extremely lopsided.  I can easily come into full hanumasana on the right side and hover about 4 inches from the floor on the left.  I closed my practice with Marci's chest opener.

After practice I did my castor oil bath routine.  I even did the hair today.  That stuff does not wash out easy.  My hair still is quite sticky.

This afternoon I taught my led primary class.  All the opening and care I put into my morning really benefited me in my teaching.  I felt very joyful and confident and engaged with my students.

Some of this might also have to do with spring!  It was warm and breezy and sunny today.  Lovely. Time to start planning the spring cleanse...stay tuned.

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