Saturday, March 19, 2011

I really need to plan for a spring cleanse.  I do a cleanse every spring and every fall. This spring I need the cleanse probably more than I ever have. It's been a stressful, booze filled, sloth-like winter.  My body needs to release toxins in a bad way and my liver and kidneys need a big break.

So why do I stall?  Why do I pull up the calendar to make the plans, only to divert my attention to Facebook or something else?  On the one hand, there is a semi-legitimate reason.  I have some things in the works that could throw any planning off-balance. On the other hand, that's how life always is.   I can't wait for the "perfect" schedule to do this.

That's my pep-talk.  Expect a cleanse schedule here by tomorrow afternoon!

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