Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something new

I was recently in Philadelphia for a few days.  When I travel, I rely pretty heavily on the MindBody iPhone app to find classes.  This app is really great, but it doesn't include studios that don't subscribe to MindBody.  So I usually also to a little web search too.

The MindBody pointed me to a class at Dhyana Yoga in West Philly which was about a ten minute walk from my hotel.  I thought that I was going to an Ashtanga class, but when I got there found out that they were only offering a class called Align and Flow.  (I later discovered that my app was set to look for classes about three weeks in the past - whoops!).  Since I haven't really stuck to my resolution of taking a new class every week, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to renew that intention.  So I stuck around.

Only one other student showed up for the class.  It was a great flow based around creating core strength to build to handstands.  I really enjoyed the flow and the teacher's cuing.  She comes from an Anusara background, a style I have little experience with.  Over all, it was a really great experience.

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