Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day.  One of the biggest perks to living in the City of Brotherly Love is that I now live only a 2 hour drive from my parents.  So the husband and I got in the Versa and headed north for the day yesterday.  It was the first Father's Day in at least 15 years that I spent with my dad.  We had a lovely low key day watching baseball on t.v. and eating off the grill.

In many ways, I am grateful to my dad for my yoga practice.  He taught me from a very early age that there are other forms of spirituality besides those that are organized for us by churches and other institutions.  While my mom took us to Sunday school, my dad would go to the creek (as he still does on almost every free occasion) to practice his religion - fly fishing.  Communing with nature is for him the way to get closest to God - whatever that may be. He honors the fish by setting the free after he catches them.  I imagine for him that the hours he spends on the water are as meditative if not more so than the moments that I spend on my mat.  Unfortunately, fly-fishing doesn't appeal to me, but I have learned a lot from it and from my dad's "practice" of it.

So, this week, in honor of father's day, I will dedicate my practice to my dad in gratitude for teaching me to be open to other forms of spiritual devotion. 

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