Thursday, June 23, 2011


Even with the air conditioner on, every where in Philly feels like it's sopping wet.  That's great for yoga, but not so great for sleep, which makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning, which in turn makes it not so great for yoga after all. 

I finally managed to shove myself out of bed at 6:30 for my practice.  Then I had to turn off the air conditioner - -cold practice = yuck.  In no time, the room was feeling warm and toasty again.  And once I made it to my mat, I had a pretty decent practice.


* Tremendous back popping in Pasasana - love it!
* Heels to my bum in Bhekasana
* Almost grabbed heels in Kapotasana (I probably could have, but didn't want to push it as my body still feels like it's in the healing stages)
* Handstand is back (against the wall - let's not get ahead of ourselves :)

As always, I'm glad that I made it to my mat.

There are a few things that I've "lost" over the past year in Kentucky that I need to get serious about:

*  Coming up from Laghu Vadrasana - I'm dipping back 3-5 times to prep in order to bring this bad boy back
*  Landing in Bakasana B - this disappeared a few years ago when I went careening to the left and hurt my old arm injury (a broken bone high on the upper arm)

and weight related:
*binding in Yoga Nidrasana
* touching fingers in Pasasana with help of a towel (I've NEVER been able to bind on my own in this one - in some shalas, I'd still be stopping at Pasana 8 years after getting it). 

I plan on doing a summer cleanse.  That's not really orthodox.  They're usually done in the spring and the fall.  But I skipped my spring cleanse and could really use some cleansing now to help with the weight problem. I'm also praying that a LH comes this month which may also resolve the issue (Caution TMI ahead: pre-LH I can put on as much as 10 lbs in water weight; thus I believe that missing a LH after the first round of BC following the MC has left me with the water weight I would usually get rid of - or I could be in denial :)

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