Sunday, July 10, 2011

Find Your Correct Posture

This Sunday several people had questions for G during the little conference and chanting we do after led primary. Someone asked about Sharath’s feet in the vinyassas. Apparently, in his video, which I haven’t seen, he scrunches up his toes when he transitions through the vinyassa.  They were asking if this was correct.   G said that it was not correct, and that he had seen many people imitating it because it was Sharath doing it.  In fact, Sharath does it this way because he had some illness as a child and always has issues in his ankles.  He also has trouble in certain asanas like pasasana. 
G said the trick is to find your correct asana through practice without simply falling into your bad habits and patterns.  But your correct asana won’t necessarily be exactly the same as G’s or Sharath’s depending on your body and needs. 
We also did our chanting through the 19th sutra.  I’m surprised how much has stuck from my little chanting practice.  But now we’re getting into sutras that I haven’t worked on as much.  It will be useful to learn the correct pronunciation.
Tomorrow I start my intermediate practice again.  Yesterday I was goofing around in the living room and to my great surprise I stuck pinchamayurasana.  I was so shocked that when I realized what had happened, I immediately fell out of it.  But it was quite exciting for several breaths!


  1. Hi! I found you through Heather's nvnehi blog and noticed that you recently moved to Philly. I work downtown and live in the western suburbs. It looks like you're setting in well, but if you ever need info on the city or a new friend in town, just let me know!

  2. Wow! Thanks! I might just take you up on that.


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