Thursday, September 29, 2011

Practice Update

Crazy things are happening in my practice these days.  I don't know what it's due to, but something seems to have unlocked or something.  I had a little pain in my back a few weeks ago and since adjusted the way that I ride my bike.  Could that little shift be the cause of the crazy practice?

First thing, I'm able to find balance without touching the wall in pincha.  I only turn around to the wall, because if I fall, I don't want to knock someone else over...or crash on their head while they're in sivasana.  That would be unpleasant.  But otherwise, most days now, I'm able to get up without touching.

But the bigger crazier thing is my wheel.  Yesterday, I lifted my left hand with the intention of "helping" my teach help me to bind.  And then, my ankle was just there.  I grabbed my ankle, on my left side, without assistance.  It was wild.  When you practice for as many years as I have been, those surprise-yourself-moments become rarer and rarer.  So, I'm still a little giddy about it!  The right side still needs an assist.  But it's an exciting start.

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