Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 7

Still cleansing.  Still feeling a little sick.  Stuffy nose, sore throat, the usual fall malady suspects.  It's slightly better than yesterday since I did a double routine of neti and added extra salt to the evening batch.  I also did nasya.  The effect was unclogging if not totally clearing.  

I started taking ghee yesterday.  I added Kate's sweet spice to make it more palatable.  It didn't help too much with today's larger dose. I almost gagged.  Ok.  I did gag a little.  I had some lemon and cayenne tea after to wash it down, but now I have to wait an hour before I can eat anything.  Meantime, that stuff is bubbling around in my belly making me totally nauseous. 

Oh.  This is a rough cleanse!

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