Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yoga Stuff

First, I don't want to give the impression that you need anything to practice yoga. You don't.  But here are some things that I like for my practice.

Manduka Mat - yes, they are a little pricier, but shredding the $20 mats every 3 months was also getting pricey.  I've had my Manduka Lite for about 3 years now and you can hardly see any wear.  Plus it's a lovely shade of olive green.

A headband - I have curly (some might say frizzy) hair.  I could obsessively push the little tickly hairs off my face through my entire practice, or I can keep them back with a headband.  A rubber band alone doesn't keep the hair back in the humid Mysore room.  Mine are from Lululemon.  However, Prana also makes nice headbands, and they produce things here in the USA

A small hand towel - look at that!  You probably even already have one of these.  It comes in handy for sweat dripping off your face and for binding in pasasana. 

Mysore Rug - It helps you "cheat" in your jump throughs because it keeps your feet from sticking to the mat.  It also gives a little extra cushion for seated postures and traction when you really start to sweat.  Personally, I prefer the feel of the rug to some of the other options such as those mat sized towels that you can use.


  1. I second the Manduka mat (mine's navy blue). Although I can't believe you've had your Manduka Lite for 3 years and hardly have any wear. I've had mine for 7 months and I already have 2 well-worn jump-back/chaturanga to up-dog trails at the bottom of my mat! I do love it though: still holds up better than any other mat I've had, good cushioning, doesn't move when I practice! Definitely worth the $59.

    I have another addition to my daily yoga accessories: eye pillow for savasana--feels SO good to have that little bit of weight on the eyes (especially if you have a tendency to get headaches just tired eyes in general).

  2. Completely agree about the eye pillow. I guess there should be another category: savasana accessories. I have a nice little eye pillow and a thin sheet that I bring in the summer.

    I think that my mat doesn't wear that much because I don't have a "front" or "back" to the mat. I just pretty much roll it out and practice which spreads the use pretty evenly.


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