Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I never finished writing my required "yoga-teacher-writes-about-what-she's-grateful-for" post.  I now realize why.  In light of my present mood, it felt completely false.

There are things to be grateful for to be sure: my practice, the Shanti Yoga Shala, all the wonderful opportunities that have come to me, my family, my husband, etc.

But right now, they all feel so overshadowed by the difficulties that S and I are dealing with. We've been in Philly for over 6 months now and he has yet to find work. He's not being picky. He's applying for anything and everything that he's qualified for. The best that's come through so far is a miserable temp position that pays $10/hour. 

Understandably, he is very unhappy right now.  As the other half of this couple, this also makes me very unhappy. 

Then, I'm also letting several recent political developments get me down.

I'm not feeling entirely hopeful in my personal life or for our national life. 

I know these things are impermanent, but by what measure of time?  Could this be the rest of our lives?  It's a bit overwhelming.

Good friends are certainly a comfort.  In times like these, I can't help but remember one friend's much loved Guruji quote, "Let God worry about the world.  You worry about your anus."  And then I laugh, and things seem a little less depressing.

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