Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hot Bath v. Cold Shower

After 5 days of intermediate, my Friday practice always feels like a hot bath.  The muscles in my back yearn for forward bending.  I feel myself melt into each seated posture.   It's like a delightful treat after a meal of broccoli. 

Then Sundays, after the hot bath of primary and a day off on Saturday, the practice feels like a cold shower.  Everything is seized up.  I practice alone or with my teacher on Sundays before I teach which only adds to the element of feeling cold.  So I take it easy in my Sunday practice.  I move a little more slowly into the postures and allow myself some space, for example only grazing my toes with my fingertips in kapotasana.

The next few weeks are 6 day weeks.  Moon days this month fall on Saturdays.  I look forward to the challenge of maintaining the practice.  The next moon day isn't until 2012!

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