Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hiding the Sausage: On being a vegetarian in a non-vegetarian home

I am a vegetarian, or more accurately, a pescatarian, since I do eat fish.  My husband is not.  He's not by any stretch of the imagination a "meat and potatoes" guy and gets along quite well on my diet.  But he does enjoy a good burger every now and again. 

I do the majority of the grocery shopping in our house.  Sometime in the fall I resolved to stop buying food that I didn't eat (ie. meat products).  Yesterday, I decided to loosen that restriction a little bit.  S had been a very good sport living off of beans and such for the week.  He had a couple of little milestones to celebrate.  So I decided I would pick up some sausage for him to enjoy for breakfast.

Directly following my practice, I stopped at the WF to pick up some groceries and the sausage for my husband.  Just outside the entrance, I spotted J&K, two yoga people from the apprenticeship.  We chatted a bit about which grocery stores we preferred and why. They mentioned that they liked TJ's better because of the larger selection of cheese without rennet. These were hard core vegetarians and they might see me buying the meat!

I felt like a drug addict who runs into her boss just feet from where she is supposed to "score."  How was I going to shake them?  Should I just do this sausage run another day?  But I had already made up my mind about buying it. 

I managed to shake J&K in the produce aisle and made my way to the meat counter.  There were so many choices!  But I didn't want to linger too long.  I went with the one directly in front of me. There was no time!  J&K could round the corner at any second. There would be no mistaking what I was up to.  I was at the meat counter!  I would have to explain "these aren't for me." Would they even buy it?  My reputation would forever be tarnished.  As the butcher wrapped up my purchases, my eyes darted around.  They were no where in sight.  I was pulling this off. 

With the sausages neatly hidden under my other groceries, I made it through checkout without being spotted again.  As the cashier rang up my goods, I glanced at a display and considered a seitan jerky for myself. 

There must be other vege/pesce-tarians out there who go through this.  How do they deal?

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