Saturday, January 21, 2012

I want to go too!

Lately, many of my friends are going to Mysore ( and to name a few).  Many more people in the blogosphere are also there.  Every day I'm reading about their preparations to go and their experiences there, living vicariously through yogis in cyberspace.

One day, I'd also like to go to Mysore, but I don't know if my job will ever allow it. I work in a university and am always busiest in January (the most convenient time to cobble together the mandatory month stay, if I used vacation and the holiday week off).  Over the past few years, Sharat has not been in Mysore in the summer when I might be able to take all of my vacation and a week unpaid.

I was mulling over the idea of dharma and wondering if it just wasn't in the cards for me to go.  Then, the day after I started drafting this post, I read this.  This year the shala is open in July!  There is hope for me.  I don't know that I'll be able to go this year due to our economic situation, but maybe next year if they open in July again.  And even if they don't open in July next year, I'll be able to hold on to the hope that sometimes, even if it's rare, they do open in the summer! 


  1. I hear you! Feels like EVERYONE is going to Mysore right now. Maybe, someday I'll go too...not the first time I've thought about it :)

    1. Maybe we go together! :)

    2. That sounds like an idea. Would be kind of fitting seeing as how you were the first person I took an Ashtanga class with ;-) I'm actually saving up to go with Kate on the next Yatra (which, I think, is sometime this December)


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