Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Subbing Week!

I'm dubbing this week "Super Subbing Week."  G left for Jolly 'Ol England last Wednesday.  I have been subbing his classes since last Thursday and will continue through next Tuesday.  I'm still working my day job most days.  I took off last Friday and today and will take off next Monday and Tuesday (for my birthday!), but that leaves 4 days that I will need to juggle my schedule to accommodate the subbing, my "real" job, and my own practice.

I'm choosing to practice before I teach, because I have a preference for morning practice.  There are just too many excuses and distractions after work (food, husband, stress, fatigue, t.v.). That means that I'll have to wake up at about 4am to get started.  Here are some tactics I plan on using this week to stay sane and healthy:

  • Get enough sleep!  I have to face the facts and get my bum in to bed by 8 or 9 at the very latest so that I'm not dragging come Friday.

  • Eat lighter meals earlier in the evening.  There's a big difference in my quality of sleep on the days that I eat tons before bed and the days that I behave more yogically.

  • Have my day ready before bedtime.  That means that I'll need to lay out my practice clothes, pack my teaching clothes and my work clothes the night before.  I'll also need to pack my lunch and have it ready to go in the morning. Kitchari is going to be a huge help for lunches and evening meals.  (Note:  I've changed my kitchari recipe a bit based on some other recipes that I've found.  I now use a 1:1 rice to lentils ratio) 

  • Hot beverages.  I take a hot lemon tea every morning.  I'll need to get up in time to ensure that I can fit this in, so that I'm feeling ready to practice by the time I get on the mat.

  • More hot beverages.  I'll have a tea at the ready for the end of my practice to get me through teaching.

  • Just say no.  I won't be staying at the day job until 7pm this week.  Whatever isn't done will need to wait until tomorrow.
Wish me luck!

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