Thursday, February 9, 2012

36 drop backs

Some time ago, I read somewhere that some senior teacher does one drop-back for every year of his life on his birthday.  I don't remember who it was.  But I instantly thought, "OK.  Me too!"  This may be a decision I regret when I turn 105.  Or maybe I'll be able to thank the backbends for living to such a ripe old age.  But I digress.

My actual birthday was a moon day.  I took my 36 drop backs yesterday.  Oddly, once you get past ten, such a rhythm is built up that the rest are pretty easy.  I was just rocking back and up to the rhythm of my own breath.  It was beautiful.  I was left with such an ecstatic feeling when I was finished.  Energy pulsed through my body the rest of the day.  I felt serene and light. 

Though when G suggested, in jest I hope, that I take 36 every day, I did decline!  I think that could literally lead to madness. 

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