Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Day That Didn't Work

After the workshop yesterday, there was conversation about who was going to take off practice today since we "lost" our Saturday.  I thought I'd be a trooper and practice, because we did primary yesterday, and I had to teach this morning anyway. The cosmos had something else in mind for me.

It was freezing in our apartment when I woke up. So it took me a little while to get out of bed.  I did my little routine and got dressed and looked out the back window on the roof.  There was a good amount of snow.  Great. I was going to be late.  I texted G to let him know I'd be late because I needed to figure out a non-bike way to get there.

S offered to drive me, since he was up anyway and when we looked out the front window, there was no snow.  This was encouraging.  I'd be on time.  Then we opened the door and realized that the entire front of the apartment was covered in a slick layer of ice.  Our little Versa is not great in any kind of weather, much less ice. So, we went back in where I looked for the bus schedule.  There would be a bus at 7:45.  Fantastic!  I would be able to make it and do at least a half practice before teaching.

At 7:40 I went out to catch the bus.  I scuffled across the icy street and waited...and waited...and waited.  7:45 came and went.  So did 8:00.  No bus.  I came back in to figure out what was going on to discover that the buses had been rerouted.  But to where?  There was no indication.  Now it was about 8:30.  The next bus, if I was able to find it, would come at 8:45 and would maybe get me to the studio on time to teach (forget about practicing).

I gave up and let L know that he would need to combine our classes.  I felt bad about doing this.  I hate to cancel a class.  But I was really ill prepared for this weather situation after being spoiled for months with nice weather. 

I spent the rest of the morning looking at alternative routes to the studio and found a bus that wasn't listed on the trip planner. Tomorrow, I'll be ready.  Today I accepted that it was not my fate to practice (or teach) and took my "Saturday."

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