Thursday, February 2, 2012


Maybe my insane schedule is catching up to me, maybe it's the weird spring weather evoking a kapha freak out, or maybe people just get sick because other people are sick.  Whatever it is, I have my second cold of the year (first was in November following the trip to France).  I don't get the flu and therefore never get the flu shot.  I think I last had the flu 5 years ago and before that it was about 15 years before.  But colds, oh man does my kapha constitution like to get some nasty snotty colds.

So here I am on my couch on a work day under a pile of tissues and my computer stewing in my own mucus and anger.  I get angry when I'm sick.  I'm mad that I had to miss work and mad that I had to turn this morning's mysore practice into a self practice.  But if I hadn't, I would have made everyone else ill. 

Now I have to work on defeating this sucker.  I had a bowl of homemade garlic and lentil soup for lunch.  My friend Andrea sent me this recipe for garlic soup which I will make for dinner:

Vegetable broth (or chicken if you eat it)
2 bunches of kale
2-3 inches fresh ginger chopped
1 onion
20 cloves garlic
salt/pepper to taste
If you have a crock pot cook it in that for 4 hours, and add hot sauce for sinuses.

If this doesn't kick it out of me, I don't know what will.  While it simmers, I will watch the Shit fill-in-the-blanks Say memes on Youtube and read my apprenticeship homework.

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  1. 20 (TWENTY!!) cloves of garlic?! Wow, that's one serious soup! I only started getting better after I gave in to Mucinex, but maybe if I had this soup I wouldn't have had to, lol! Hope you feel better soon Rochelle :)


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