Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snapshot of the Crazy Subbing Week

Here are some quick highlights and lowlights of my crazy subbing week.


Letting JC fall on his head in drop backs.  I really didn't mean to do it.  It scared me more than it did him, I think.  He asked me to do it again the next practice.  I refused.

Getting sick from working too hard and running around too much.


Early morning practices before the rest of the world, even other ashtangis, were awake.

Teaching with the other apprentices assisting me and getting to know them better.  

Seeing so many of my 1/2 primary students show up for the full primary this morning and practicing ahimsa with the more advanced postures.

Landing in Bakasana B for the first time is 2.5 years today.

Having the new coffee shop open next to the studio.

I teach one more class for G tomorrow.  Tuesday is a moon day. Wednesday we return to normal. 

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