Saturday, February 18, 2012

sore Friday

My usual hot bath of primary on Friday was somewhat less soothing than usual due to a dull soreness everywhere.  It wasn't anything that I could put my finger on.  I almost felt flu-like, but knew that I didn't have the flu.

Finally, when I got to dropbacks, I told G that I didn't think ankles were in the cards for me because of this soreness.  He said that sometimes when we push ourselves too hard or practice without awareness during the week, metabolic waste can build up without getting flushed out.  The best remedy is to move and to sweat. 

I gave this some thought throughout the day on Friday over my first cup of coffee.  I didn't think that I was pushing myself particularly hard.  Over my second cup of coffee, I was wondering if I hadn't practiced with awareness.  Sure, I had my moments, but no more than usual.  While I was walking for a cup of chai after lunch, I wondered what could possibly be building up waste in my body without flushing it out.

Then the reason slapped me upside the head.  It was well into my day and I had yet to drink a glass of water.  I thought about the day before and was able to count the number of glasses of water I'd had.  1.  Not a very high number.  What have I been doing to myself?

The only liquids entering my system for weeks...maybe months...have been coffee and tea.  Whoa!  That's kind of extreme when you think of the way that I spend my mornings. 

So, I filled my neglected water bottle and have been carrying it with me.   For every cup of coffee or tea I've had at home this weekend, I've also had one glass of water. 

In March, I plan on doing my spring cleanse (I need to work out the dates).  Up until the cleanse, I plan on paying particular attention to how much water I drink and making sure I get the requisite 8 glasses. 

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