Saturday, February 11, 2012

Visiting Teacher Recharge

It's always nice to take a class with a visiting teacher or attend a workshop.  Today I had that opportunity when Eddie Stern (I'm told he's just know as Eddie in the Ashtanga world) taught a led primary followed by chanting and Q&A at Shanti Yoga Shala

Here were a few of the things that really struck me:

  • He has an amazingly gentle way of working with beginners and people with injuries.  His approach to them is kind, compassionate, and light.  
  • In the closing invocation, there is a pause after "Om."  He later explained that Om is made up of three syllables and a fourth silence or space.  
  • Fundamentally, we are who we are.  Our weird little patterns and tendencies that keep coming up over our lifetimes have lots to teach us about ourselves.
  • The system helps us to uncover who we are.  Sometimes a good teacher knows more about us than we know about ourselves.
  • The oral tradition is twofold.  It is the speaking part, but equally important is the listening part.  If something is passed down generation to generation through an oral tradition, it only takes 20 people to span 1000 years. 
Unrelated to anything that Eddie said or did, I learned that my friend A has a really hard noggin when we collided with each other in Garba Pindasana.  

There are lots of great teachers visiting Philadelphia over the next few months.  Tim Feldman is coming to SYS in March, Tim Miller is coming to Dhyana in April, and Kino is coming to SYS in June.  We are blessed here in the City of Brotherly Love. 


  1. Tim Feldman is coming to North End Yoga in June and Kino is coming in October...if you go to either of them, let me know how it is! :-)

    1. I am almost most definitely going to both. I'll let you know how they go!


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