Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 1 - My Motto is Preparation

Sunday was the first day of my cleanse.  I'm going into this with the motto of preparation and planning.  So far (ok, it is only one day in!) it is working well.

I knew that I had a long morning ahead of me.  On Sundays, I practice at 7:00 and then teach at 9:30.  Yesterday was extra long, because we were teaching the Vinyasa teacher trainees at 1.  So, I was at the studio from 7:00 to 2:30. 

I packed a few lemon/ginger tea bags, a baggie of soaked almonds (which were also appreciated by non-cleansers), and a nice big container of kithari.  When my friends went to lunch, I was able to accompany them without being enticed by the WF hot bar because I had my lunch with me. 

To keep this going, I'm trying to create a cycle.  Drain one batch of soaked almonds, add a handful of almonds to water to soak.  Make a pot of kitchari, start soaking the lentils and rice right away.  Hopefully, this approach will get me through Day 2-14.

Coffee.  I am not a coffee addict.  However,  my office is very cold.  I'm currently wearing a wool sweater with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath and am freezing.  This morning was very hard without coffee (so I had some!  But I'm not going to beat myself up...tomorrow I'll be better prepared).  I needed something hot. And yes, I had tea with me.  But there's something about the smell of coffee that is also very warming.  Normally, I drink about 3 cups in a day.  I only plan on having that one today and hopefully none tomorrow.

So far:
I feel pretty good.  I got to bed nice and early last night and felt well rested this morning.  There was a tiny headache at bedtime, but it's gone now.  The stomach is a little bit rumbly but I suspect that will subside in a day or two. The white parts of the eyes are already super white.  Pinchamayurasana was, dare I say, easy today.  

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