Saturday, May 12, 2012

Confessions of a Bad Lady!

After approximately two days without practice, I was already going a bit stir crazy. 

Confession #1:  Not once during the time that I was off from my practice did I take a meditation practice.  Why do I struggle so much with seated meditation?  I enjoy it once I get started.  It's just so hard to take a seat and do "nothing." 

Confession #2:  I did not wait 11 days to take asana up again.  I got on my mat yesterday (only 4 days resting!) and took primary practice.  It went pretty well.  The forward bending was fine, but even micro twisting (as in the janu sirsanas) caused some tugging in the stitches.  I also eliminated ubiya padangustasana, urdva muka paschimatonasana (for the rolling on the spine), and setu bandasana.  I didn't roll in garba pindasana.

Hi, my name is Rochelle, and I am an incorrigible asana junky. 

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