Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shaking off the Kapha

Kapha is usually associated with cool damp weather, lethargy, and heaviness.  I tend towards an imbalance in Kapha.  Spring is an especially sensitive time for me, when the tendency is to want to hide out and sleep.  This spring in Philadelphia has been very pleasant and warm, so I haven't been hit too hard with a Kapha build up. 

But I am feeling it a bit.  There's been some celebrating.  The husband is getting a paycheck.  I just graduated from my 500 teacher training (woo hoo!).  And thus there have been some poor choices in food and...ahem...beverages.   These choices have led to some mental and physical heaviness.  There have also been some grasping behaviors typical of a Kapha imbalance, particularly, the accumulation of items that I don't need. 

What's the best way to shake off the Kapha? In my experience, move!  Accept invitations!  Do new things!  This weekend was full of that.  Yesterday I attended Tim Miller's led primary.  I don't know the last time I sweat so much.  The husband helped me carry my bag afterwards and couldn't believe the weight.  It was 80% due to my wet yoga clothes!  Then we went to see the Avengers.  And this morning we had friends over for brunch for the first time since moving in last year. 

Of course, there was a good amount of eating involved in all of this (popcorn, dinner at an Indian restaurant, divine 100% butter pastries). So tonight I cooked up a nice batch of kitchari with the Kapha spice mix that I use.  I'll take it for the next few days to try to get a little more balanced.

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