Saturday, August 4, 2012

The White Whale

I took a workshop or two with Bhavani Maki when she was in Boston.  She said that everyone has a pose that will break them.  I think of this as the literary White Whale (not to be confused with the Sad Mammoth :). That elusive beast that we just can't seem to get a hold of.  My White Whale is pasasana.  I've had it for about 6.5 years.  Once I managed to gently graze my own fingers on one side.  Otherwise, it is a constant struggle.  Much of this has to do with my physique. I have long muscular legs, a short torso, large boobs, and short arms.  I also have a kaphatic tendency to carry excess weight and retain water.  It is a constant and humiliating battle.  But I know it is possible!

Here are a few videos on how to get into the pose.  I'll let you know if any of these end up helping me!

I think it was her tip in this second one to let the arm gently drop down, that helped me graze finger tips on that one joyous occasion.

And here's a longer explanation from my Philly neighbor.

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