Saturday, August 25, 2012

What's a Bad Lady to Do?

I overslept on Wednesday and didn't wake up in time to make it to practice before work.  And thus, the gnawing off teeth and the pulling of hair begins.  What to do?  Do we just pretend this didn't happen, say "fuck it" and move on?  Or do we try to get the sixth practice of the week in at all costs?  I've struggled with this in the past, even more so now that I'm back to a regular 6-day-a-week routine.  

Yesterday, I consulted with my teacher. The outcome was that I did intermediate yesterday and will do primary today.  It was as if my body knew we were doing intermediate on the wrong day.  A weird spasm occurred in the lower right back, a strange pop in pasasana and then the feeling of grinding in the sacrum.  No pain, strange discomforts. 

The sacrum seems to be at peace again and hopefully primary will be the warm bath it usually is this afternoon. 

But now, here's the real challenge when you try to do a make up practice.  If you don't do it Friday night, you will have an extended period of back-to-back practices with no rest day.  This coming week the moon day is on Friday.  After missing Wednesday but making up for it today, I will have practiced then 9 days with no rest.  Humph.  But I'll have two days off to look forward to. 

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