Saturday, September 1, 2012

And then there was that snap...

In my day job, I am the Assistant Director of a study abroad program at a local university.  Part of my job entails advising and preparing students to go to France. The other part of my job consists of welcoming exchange students to the university. 

The exchange student welcome program is an intense two day affair which I organize.  It causes me a certain amount of stress as I have no affinity for event planning (my husband and I eloped for this reason).  Nonetheless, I like to put my best foot forward and look like a competent professional.  I actually allowed myself plenty of time to get to work from yoga.  I applied make-up.  I changed out of my birkies and into the adorable heels that are usually tucked into a drawer of my desk.

And that last piece may prove to be a rather grave mistake.  After the last of the students filed into the auditorium for our little welcome speech, I was going to the back of the auditorium to close the doors.   In order to only have to take one step per landing, I was using a longer than usual stride.  As I reached the top landing, I distinctly felt a pop and a snap in my left hamstring.  I'm not yet sure if it was just a tendon sliding over something, or if it was something worse.  I guess we'll see on Friday when I take on primary again.  I don't feel anything weird now, so maybe it's not as bad as it sounded/felt at the time.


  1. Hey there!
    Of course I am not a doctor, but I've had distinct and unnerving snaps and pops that terrified me, but didn't turn out to be anything detrimental. From what I hear, the hamstring pull is something painful that you feel quite a bit, though you're right to be a little cautious for now. Let's hope you're lucky and it's just a tendon sliding over the bone. Take care, Erica.

    1. You are probably right! It was just a bit freaky. Thanks for the reassurance ;)


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