Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the Blank Slate

Kino uploaded this great video in response to her viewers who ask if she was ever a gymnast or dancer:

I love this viewpoint.  When I started yoga, I had never had any physical ability.  I was a naturally good swimmer, but didn't compete.  Otherwise, I would do whatever I could to avoid sports.  It's a joke in my extended family how my brother and I are so unathletic whereas my dad, his brother, and his brother's kids are all natural multi-sport athletes.

I think that a lot of us can get stuck in that trap of comparing our practice and feeling like some more advanced practitioners got some kind of head start on us.  Kino's metaphor of the blank slate is awesome.  Yes, I came to yoga with zero awareness of my body, but I also have the advantage of not having so much to unlearn and to be able to learn my body through the practice.  

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