Monday, October 29, 2012


Sandy is here!  I certainly feel for everyone who has had to evacuate and may experience property damage.  I also hope that no one is hurt.

But I have to say, I love sitting at home with the wind and rain whipping around our apartment.  We live in the perfect place to ride out a disaster.  It's an old converted wagon factory that was turned into apartments in the 80s.   We share an interior courtyard with our neighbors.  All of the windows face the courtyard.  The exterior of the building is like a fortress.  To give an idea of how solid the building is, last year when Irene went through, we had no idea that it hit us until we left the house and saw the Schuykill flooded.

We had an overnight guest over the weekend, so I was unable to practice yesterday.  Today I had the ultimate bad lady practice.  It was on a moonday and...with music!  I did full primary and intermediate up to my stopping point (mayurasana).  The moon energy was definitely moving through me.  I had to remind myself several times to slow down and breath.  But it was fun.

The payoff was listening to the rain pound our skylight while I was in savasana.

I hope everyone is safe and sound. 


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