Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sunday Inspiration 11/4/2012

This week the mid-Atlantic was hit the super-storm, Sandy.  Fortunately, most of Philadelphia was largely untouched.  But surrounding areas and New York City were devastated. 

Our friend Molly came down from NYC last weekend for a short visit.  She left on the last train out of Philly and probably made one of the last subways back to Queens for a while.  Thankfully, she's fine.

I have a lot of friends in NYC and businesses that I follow on Twitter and Facebook.  I'm amazed to read about what they're doing to help those in need.  One yoga studio is opening its doors for people to come in and get a hot shower.  A friend is volunteering at Food Not Bombs to make hot food for those who need it.  Of course, we've all seen the photo of the home where people put out power strips to share their power so that people without could charge their phones. 

We subscribe to an organic delivery service that delivers once a week out of Ottsville, PA.  On Thursday, we were notified that we would not be getting our delivery.  All food from the week was being rerouted to shelters that need it. 

This week I'm inspired by the outpouring of human kindness in the face of tragedy.  Namaste to each and everyone who is helping.  Shanti to all who are suffering and need help. 

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