Friday, May 31, 2013

yoga on the road...and carpe diem!

This week I was in St. Louis for a conference.  As far as I could tell from a Google search, there is no Mysore in St. Louis.  So, I took my practice in my hotel room.  It is not easy to practice mere feet from a super comfy hotel bed.  Once you succeed at getting the mat on the floor, the distractions are still numerous. The TV looms above, your phone is on the night stand, the conference schedule is on the desk in front of you.  But then, I remind myself, that there is someone who lives in St. Louis, and loves this practice and might even be practicing "with" me.  She might do this daily with her own distractions of children or pets or laundry.  I try to keep her in mind to honor her practice and bask in the gratitude that I'm fortunate enough to have a beautiful serene shala to take daily practice in when I return home.


On an unrelated note, my flight was overbooked.  I volunteered for the flight voucher.  It means I'll get home tomorrow, but who cares?  I'll never understand why more people don't volunteer for these vouchers (not enough did today, and one woman was "involuntarily" removed from the flight).  Sure, if you have a gold fish or dog or wedding to get to, you need to take the flight. But otherwise, take the voucher!  Carpe diem!

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